Life as I See it

  1. Luscious Garage | Hybrid Specialists

    09 Mar 2015
    A little bit on <a href=””>Luscious Garage | Hybrid Specialists, my favorite garage in San Francisco!</a>Imagine a garage with the qualities of a hybrid, one that’s intelligent, cutting-edge, and environmentally responsible. Then make it luscious: a beautiful facility, woman-owned and operated, conveniently located in downtown San Francisco.

  2. Inspired by Cuba, a new portrait series I started

    08 Mar 2015

  3. How do you attack your ice cream?

    24 Feb 2015
    Because we all have an inner child that we should let out every so often. How do you attack your ice cream? Would you like to come an pose for this series? let me know!

  4. A preview from one of last week’s shoot!

    11 Feb 2015
    This was a very fun shoot! Despite what the sneak peak looks like we played with bubble gum and balloons!

  5. Portraits of a Soul

    11 Feb 2015
    I have always loved the feeling that rain drops and reflections evoke, and this weekend I got to play with both. Here are some of the portraits I took this rainy and cold weekend.

  6. Pet Photography

    01 Feb 2015
    Always fun when I have a session with one of my furry friends!

  7. Joe -Portraiture

    25 Jan 2015

  8. Essence of Time - Portrait Series 2014

    25 Jan 2015

  9. Solicu • December 2014

    17 Dec 2014
    I am truly enjoying photographing all these pets lately and get to connect with them. They all have their own personalities and I like to mix it up with the chairs in order to evoke a feeling that they project when I meet them.

  10. Mario de la Isla

    15 Dec 2014
    From today’s shoot. I actually like the little roughness of the seamless and the fact that is ripped. I think it adds more character and goes with his personality,

  11. Reina & Mario 2014

    15 Dec 2014
    Some shots from today’s shoot! I even like the rip in the seamless.

  12. Behind the scenes with my model today: Reina

    14 Dec 2014
    A little bit of bonding time with this queen. She was so gorgeous, lovable and cooperative during our shoot today! The little things that make my day….

  13. Belle - November 2014

    01 Dec 2014
    Lately I have been fascinated with the idea of capturing pet’s portraits sitting in chairs that match their personalities, and with their owners. This is Belle, and here are some edits from last weekend’s shoot.

  14. Nala - November 2014

    01 Dec 2014
    Lately I have been fascinated with the idea of capturing pet’s portraits sitting in chairs that match their personalities. This is Nala, and here are some edits from this weekend’s shoot.

  15. Love Takes Another Soul – Blue Period

    25 Nov 2014
    “These violent delights have violent endsAnd in their triump die, like fire and powderWhich, as they kiss, consume”  Shakespeare

  16. First Post from Format…

    24 Nov 2014
    I have been keeping a blog here and it is about nothing more than a simple record of photographs or snapshots of the different events, experiences, and observations that create my life’s collage. My intention is to document those little things that make my day shine by triggering a…

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