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  1. Princeville Sunset - Kauai 2019

    16 Sep 2019

    Sneaking thru Princeville’s trees, what must have been an amazing sunset by Hanalei Bay in Kauai. Still, a beautiful one to comb thru the immense forest of Kauai all the way to our backyard.

  2. La Rioja. Spain

    29 Sep 2018

  3. Kauai 2017

    29 Sep 2018

  4. Kauai’s Panoramas

    29 Sep 2018

    Kauai. 2017.

  5. Bagan - Take me back

    29 Sep 2018

    A story to tell. A tale to remember and hold close to my heart. The feeling of serenity and happiness I felt while riding around on an electrical scooter and getting lost in this endless and peaceful canvas was something I had never felt before.

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